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Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Powder Refill

of 400 gm
Nestle India Ltd


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Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Powder Refill

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Information about Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Powder Refill

Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Powder is a spray dried powdered form of milk. Lactogen 1 is a spray dried infant formula for infants upto six months when they are not breastfed. The powder contains Maltodexrin, Milk solids, Demineralised whey, Soyabeal oil, Corn oil, Minerals, Soya lecithin, Vitamins, Taurine and L-Carnitine.
It also contains essential nutrients that help in the growth of the infants and also help in the development of the brain.  The powder additionally also contains essential fatty acids such as alanine and choline which serve as the building blocks of the brain. Iron regulates the process of blood formation whereas Iodine avoids the inflammation of the thyroid.
All put together, the powder contains 14 vitamins and 12 minerals that together contribute towards the effective growth and development of the infants.

Benefits of Nestle Lactogen Stage 1 Powder:
For growth of the baby
For brain development of the baby
For healthy vision for energy needs

Important Notice:
Mother's milk is best for your baby