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Farex Stage 1 Infant Formula Powder

Tin of 450 Gm
Nutricia International Pvt Ltd


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Farex Stage 1 Infant Formula Powder

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Farex -1 Infant Formula Powder contains demineralized Whey & Whey Solids, partially skimmed milk, Lactose, Edible vegetable oils (groundnut & soybean), Soy Lecithin, Minerals, Vitamins, Taurine, & L-carnitine as its ingredients.   Key benefits of Farex -1 Infant Formula Powder: Whey predominant formula provides support digestion and immunity. 
Lactose supports growth of good bacteria which help maintain a healthy digestive system Nucleotides, Zinc, Selenium, Iron Vitamin A, C, E, B support immune function.  Taurine, & choline help support brain development   Direction for use: As directed by the healthcare professional.   Safety information: Keep out of the reach and sight of the children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.   Use under medical supervision.