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5 D 5% Infusion

Infusion of 500 ml


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5 D 5% Infusion

Dextrose(5% %w/v)

Side Effect


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Product use

5 D 5% Infusion is used for short term fluid replacement. It works by replenishing fluid loss. Thus, it treats hypovolemia that can result due to dehydration, injury, or burns.

5 D 5% Infusion must be administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional. You should not take it, if you have any known allergy from this injection. Your doctor may check your blood pressure and ask you to get regular blood tests done while you are using this injection.

The most common side effects include injection site reactions such as pain, swelling, and redness. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or suffering from kidney or liver diseases. In the case of breastfeeding mothers, this injection should be used with caution and it should be advised to hold breastfeeding till the time the treatment of mother gets completed and the content of this injection gets eliminated from the body